Monday, January 31, 2011

Older is Better

I recently talked to a friend who said, "I would much rather spend a whole lot more money on something old than a moderate amount of money on something new."  I know this concept is ancient...but it seems like more and more people are taking it to the extreme--and I love it!  Maybe its because the older something is, the more character and personality it has.  I love going to Antique stores and getting lost in the stories that so many pieces of furniture and odds & ends have to tell. 

Recently I heard about this amazing place to buy old stuff--The Old House Depot in Jackson.  Wow!  A little pricey, but FULL of old doors, window panes, sheets of old tin, bath tubs, and scraps of distressed wood.  I could have shopped all afternoon...

I spent a week coming up with ideas for what I could make out of all the odds and ends I picked up.  Here is what I came up with...

for a picture frame:
and for wall decoration:

Thanks to my wonderful husband for teaching me how to use the if he can show me how to use the miter saw!!

The possibilities are endless...I'm so glad "old" is in!

Go Create!



  1. hi Michelle...welcome to the party. I love your me and a saw would be dangerous. I am glad you joined in. If you could add my link or button to your blog that would be great...let's spread the word!

  2. Hi Michelle your homemade projects are great! Love the picture frame.
    You make me want to be creative :)

    Found you on debbiedoos

    Hope you have a great day!

  3. Hey Michelle,
    Found you through DebbieDoos, and I'm realizing you must be in Mississippi! I am from Jackson. amicinnisartworks is a blog friend of mine, too. (in your sidebar)

    I love finding a Mississippi connection, although I live in AR with my hubby and kids now.

    Ok...Love, love the frame you made! I immediately thought of a post I'm about to post...using scrap wood and old license plates to make name neighbor made it for my son, and it is so cool. Will try to remember to send you the link. What is your email?

    Come visit My Heart's Desire and look around. You will see Mississippi here and there, b/c I still love it so!!

    And Pinelake...which campus? We have several friends there...


  4. The cross and frame are so beautiful. Great woodworking talent!

  5. DebbieDoo, I will definitely post a link for your blog! Thanks for following have definitely inspired me to be a better blogger!

    Rachel and Kris, thanks for the encouragement...the wood crafts are definitely a new area for me. I'm trying to incorporate my fine art skills with different things besides a canvas!

    Amanda, I've heard alot about you from Mrs. Mcinnis! The name signs sound cool--would love to see the finished product! My email is We go to the Reservoir campus. Thanks for commenting!

  6. I love that cross! Very cool! I'm your newet follower from Debbie's newbie party! Glad to find your blog!

  7. Yes, Mam! You are a great blogger and I LOVE everything you make! Thanks for being such a good friend!

  8. beautiful sis!
    you're stuff is SO amazing!!!!! seriously, you need to have your own store! i wish you could come to africa and decorate my apartment! you're such an artistic genius. so, when I get back and come see you, lets go antique shopping, and you can teach me all you know. k great. :)
    i love you and miss you! hope i get to talk to you today!!!

  9. Hi, Michelle
    I found your blog through DebbieDoos.. I'm from Star,MS.. I had heard about the Old House Depot for awhile and me, my husband and daughter went a couple weeks ago.. some seriously cool stuff in there but I agree a little pricey. The whole time we were walking around I was wishing I had brought my camera to share photos on my blog. Glad I found your blog. I love that picture frame and cross you made.

  10. hey michelle! i love your blog! i was literally leaving for hobby lobby to get a canvas when i read your post, so it was perfect timing. Your art is amazing - i love looking at it all! hope ya'll are doing good!