Friday, January 21, 2011

My Newest Creation

The older I've gotten, the deeper my passion for creating has grown.  I love teaching Art because I am forced to always think of new ideas for projects--I learn new things all the time!  I also find it thrilling to discover ways to turn "trash" into "treasure"...easy on the pocket AND on the eye.

This week I thought of an idea for a piece to hang in my dining room.  I had several small canvases I bought at a garage sale early last fall ($.50 a piece!).  They had cheesy quotes on them so I primed and painted over them.  Then I found a scrap piece of wood at school and painted/antiqued it.  Finally, I glued the paintings to the wood--done!  I am really pleased with the results...I love how the colors go with the colors in my house.  Each canvas is a letter that spells "Jesus", which serves as a reminder to Buster and me to make Him the Center of our our home, our marriage, our job, everything.

I hope to continue creating--but not just for the purpose of creating.  My prayer is that the Lord would use my gifts to make His name known, and that I would be open and willing to respond to this call no matter the cost. 


  1. The cost may indeed be great, but in comparison with what my life cost HIM, it is nothing. Great post!

  2. Ok, you may need to sell this to me. Love, love it! So glad to connect with you, my Mississippi friend:)
    You are so talented! I'd love to put one of your posts on my blog sometime! Let me know if there is something you'd like to send my way.

  3. Beautiful! Great design, great colors!