Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hello South Africa!

Mom and I decided to take a trip to see Kristin in South Africa and what a wonderful time we've had so far!--we've seen and done so much and we just got here Friday night!

It has been so cool to see where Kristin lives...her awesome apartment, where she buys groceries, where she works, where she shops, where she goes to church, etc.  I only wish we weren't so far away so we could visit more often.

Here's a look into Kristin's apartment...notice the amazing artwork on the walls.  Not surprised.  At all.

Kristin driving on the "wrong" side of the road in a standard!  Mom should not sit in the front anymore!  TIA (this is Africa)

The morning after we arrived Kristin and I went to pick up Catherine and Christine from the airport.  It was so crazy how it worked out that we would be here the exact same time--they met a group from Texas later that day to do some work in a township close by.  So we got to hang out all day--went to the Organic farmer's market and saw some awesome artwork!

Sunday after church we ate lunch at this awesome place called the Tea Garden.  Then Ethan took us to a Fine Arts market downtown...We got to see some amazing art from local artists.  Very appropriate and inspiring!

Yesterday we went to the Lion park--got to pet some cubs and drive around to see the Lions.  It was crazy because there were no fences in between us and them!

For lunch afterwards we went to a place called Monte Casino...the architecture and interior was beautiful.  I guess being a casino I wasn't surprised...but it was amazing.  Extremely Italian.

This is just the beginning of our trip...Thursday we leave for Cape Town!  So I will definitely have more pictures soon!  I wish Buster could be here...Miss you babe.

Happy Tuesday!