Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Very Different Christmas

Buster and I hosted the family for the holidays this Christmas--we had a lot of fun getting ready for them to come. As hard as it was to not be able to go "home" to our house in Clinton for Christmas, we were still grateful that we were able to be together.  It was sad not to have Kristin with us--Skype is not the same! But it was still a special time.  We did alot of shopping (me and mom especially!) and cooking for sure!  My favorite time was Christmas eve with all of us in the living room--after watching Loui Giglio's talk "The 12 Words of Christmas", we sang christmas carols while dad and Jason played the guitar and I played the piano.

Mom taught me how to use the sewing machine! And how to make pillow cases for my couch pillows! Since I can't take her Decorative Pillow class at Liberty, she can give me personal lessons! I wish I would have been more interested while I was younger...because now I can't have her to help me avoid mistakes!


  1. Michelle!!!!! your pillows are BEAUTIFUL!!!! will you make me one???? you can just make me a case, and i'll find a pillow here to put in it. k thanks. like, i'll pay you. :)...

    i'm so glad ya'll had fun. wish i could have been there. it sucks missing out.
    but, i'm glad ya'll got to be together!!!

    anyway. I love you and miss you!!!! hope we can talk soon!

  2. Hi, MichelleL! Can't wait to see you at work tomorrow so we can catch up...oh, it IS already tomorrow...better head to bed! See you shortly...LOVE the pillows!

  3. Kristin--thanks for the compliment on the pillows. Would love to make you one...think you'd be able to find a pillow for it?

    Mrs. McInnis...hopefully we won't have school tomorrow!

  4. Michelle! I am your newest follower & I too adore these pillows and could use some cases for my livingroom toss pillows that are now in the basement because their ugly and need cases. (wink) (wink) perhaps you'll have a little business. <3 Erica