Monday, August 22, 2011

I've Been Featured!!!

Now that school's back in session and I'm starting to get back into the routine, I'm finally finding a chance to actually sit down and give a long over-due update to all my faithful blog followers...

First of all, after discovering Pinterest, I have been overwhelmed with ideas...especially for the fall season.  And of course, my involvement with Etsy lately has also been making my head spin.

Let me show you a few of my favorite finds!

On her blog, Janet gives an AWESOME tutorial for this fabulous Burlap Bubble Wreath!  Perfect for the fall, don't you think?  Check out her tutorial here!

I love the color scheme of this bedroom.  I really want to re-do our master and this is my inspiration!  Would love to find a nightstand like that!

I have a totally new appreciation for wooden pallets!  I love this idea...Ashley Ann gives a great tutorial on how to DIY on her blog.  You should check it out!

Now-- what you've all been waiting for...a project I completed not too long ago for a blogger friend:-)

I really liked out it turned out--and so did she!  (Thankfully!)  She liked it so much that she was kind enough to feature me and my work on her blog!  You can check it out here.  I really enjoyed doing business with Amanda--she is so nice and has the sweetest children.  Too bad we don't live closer!

Amanda--I really ended up liking the colors so much!  They actually go perfect with my own color scheme in my living room!  Check this out!

You're lucky I didn't just buy it back from you!  

Hope you all have a Fabulous Monday!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Refinished Toy Bin for Baby Meg

One of my best friends in the world is Jess...she's about to be a mom.  In like a week.  She amazes me.  She is even more beautiful than I've ever seen her--maybe its because of "the glow" they say you get when you have a baby...especially your first baby!

Anyway...we had dinner over at her and Robby's house last night and had such a good time catching up on life while we followed the precinct election results.  I can't believe the next time we will see them they will have an addition to their family.  A MAJOR addition I might add.

Of course being the artsy people that they are, Meg's room is so adorable.  Light lilac, yellow and brown are the colors they chose.  It took me a while to decide/find what I thought would go in Meg's room...something that would be fun to look at but also functional.


I found this heart shaped newspaper/magazine holder thing-a-majig and thought it would be cute to refinish and paint...Turns out I like it so much I thought I would keep it for myself.  Makes me miss being a little girl. 

Of course I forgot to take a before-picture.  
So I found something similar to what it looked like on google images.  

First I painted the whole thing with 2 coats of yellow house paint.  Then I painted designs on the end with some contrasting colors...white, lilac, purple, and lime green.

Then I scuffed the paint a little with sandpaper to give it an old look and stained the entire thing with wood stain...thought it still lacked something so I added some lilac-colored fabric around the sides and made bows for the inside.

I was pleased with the results...much better than plain old wood.  Don't you think?  I love a transformation project!

Please leave a comment to let me know what you think!

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My Etsy is Back!

One of the things I wanted to do before school started was to get my Etsy page back up and running...I did that yesterday and its a good thing because school starts...


So even though my free days will be gone, I still plan to keep producing work to sell on Etsy.  Please keep me in mind when you are shopping for gifts for others--or for yourself:-)  

I also wanted to remind my followers and fans out there that I also do commission work...pretty much anything you need (painting, pottery, mixed media...abstract or realistic).  Just contact me through my blog, Etsy, or Facebook.  So if you already have ideas for Christmas presents, its never too early to start planning!

On a different subject...earlier on in the summer the girls in my small group at church decided they wanted to sign up for a class to paint pottery.  I volunteered to teach a class instead...that way they could actually make something and glaze it.  So we had two where they made a slab platter and the other when they got to choose their own glazes and glaze their finished pieces.  I was so proud of the way they each turned out that I decided to put some pictures on my blog!

Keep in mind that none of these girls had prior experience in ceramics...they were AMAZING students. Wish all my high-school students were like them:-)  

Happy Monday and don't forget to check out my Etsy page!