Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Refinished Toy Bin for Baby Meg

One of my best friends in the world is Jess...she's about to be a mom.  In like a week.  She amazes me.  She is even more beautiful than I've ever seen her--maybe its because of "the glow" they say you get when you have a baby...especially your first baby!

Anyway...we had dinner over at her and Robby's house last night and had such a good time catching up on life while we followed the precinct election results.  I can't believe the next time we will see them they will have an addition to their family.  A MAJOR addition I might add.

Of course being the artsy people that they are, Meg's room is so adorable.  Light lilac, yellow and brown are the colors they chose.  It took me a while to decide/find what I thought would go in Meg's room...something that would be fun to look at but also functional.


I found this heart shaped newspaper/magazine holder thing-a-majig and thought it would be cute to refinish and paint...Turns out I like it so much I thought I would keep it for myself.  Makes me miss being a little girl. 

Of course I forgot to take a before-picture.  
So I found something similar to what it looked like on google images.  

First I painted the whole thing with 2 coats of yellow house paint.  Then I painted designs on the end with some contrasting colors...white, lilac, purple, and lime green.

Then I scuffed the paint a little with sandpaper to give it an old look and stained the entire thing with wood stain...thought it still lacked something so I added some lilac-colored fabric around the sides and made bows for the inside.

I was pleased with the results...much better than plain old wood.  Don't you think?  I love a transformation project!

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  1. Michelle! this is so beautiful! it makes me want to be a little girl again too! wish we could travel back in time and have at least another day to play together...and life be simple with not a care in the world...:)...but, really thankful for you both a sister AND a best friend! Miss you and love you so much!!

  2. You, my BFF are a master! We completely love it and are amazed by your generosity and creativity-always have been. We love you guys.