Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bearing the Stamp...A Look Into My Sister's Heart

I'm dedicating this post to my beautiful sister, Kristin, who lives in South Africa and is using the gifts God has given her to make His name known there.  Her blog has so inspired me that I decided to post some of her photos and comments on mine.  She is definitely inspiring me to know Christ more through the thoughts and experiences she shares. 

I hope you enjoy seeing a glimpse of my sister's heart.  And it is big.

"...more than anything, i want my heart to be broken for the people of this land...so it will be all the more pressing that i share w/ them the hope that i have been given...that i have been entrusted with..."

"...to know that you have the hope she needs. the answers she's looking for. the rest and peace that she can't find no matter how hard she tries. no matter how many times a day she prays. or bows down to an idol that cannot save...

...to sit in her home only a few feet away from her and hold this message of His HOPE...it makes me catch a tiny glimpse of understanding at Isaiah's words when he said 'your word is in me like a fire, burning away at my bones, and i am weary of holding it in.

indeed i cannot.'

His words of life just waiting to be unleashed. waiting to be planted. "

"So, during our trip down there, we got to witness Grant and a local pastor baptize some of those new believers! They did teaching on baptism...how the water doesn't save you, only God does...and they also had a discussion about the charms the people were wearing...telling them that since Christ was now their Lord, there was no need to carry on the superstitions the charms represent.

So, as we made our way down to the water, the believers took off their charms and were then baptized! It was so awesome to see the Spirit at work in their lives!"

Jesus is worth losing the comforts of this world...so other people can know.

Dear Kristin,

Talk about "Outliving Your Life"...Your story has encouraged me and so many others to do the same.  Thank you for trusting Christ enough to allow Him to do the seemingly impossible.  Your love for people truly "outlives" your human capacity to love.  All of us can learn from your humble and willing spirit--I pray that you feel the weight of eternal blessing that is awaiting for you at the feet of Christ. (2 Timothy 4:8) 

I can't wait to serve with you this summer.  Looking forward to seeing more of what the Lord does through in and through you during your time in SA. 

I love you.


In response to what Christ is doing in my own heart, I am planning to go with Pinelake this summer to work in an orphanage in South Africa.  I'm so excited that Kristin will be joining us there!

 My plan is to create and sell as much of my art as possible to raise money for the trip.  If anyone is interested in puchasing any of my work, please feel free to contact me at mlynnleach@gmail.com.  I would love your support!

Bearing the Stamp,

"Religion that is pure and undefiled before God, the Father, is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction, and to keep oneself unstained from the world."  James 1:27


  1. What a loving tribute from a beautiful sister to a beautiful sister! Your sharing means much to those of us who take life here in the United States so much for granted. Thank you for reminding us.

  2. ok, so reading this almost made me cry. and if i wasn't sitting in an office i would have balled.
    first of all, i don't deserve any of those things you said...
    and second, i wouldn't be here if it were not for God placing such an amazing, God fearing sister to go before me and set such an incredible example of faith and love for me to look up to, be inspired by, and follow after...and, i know it's all the Lord's doing...that His work in your life would have such a powerful rippling effect...not just on me but on SO many others!...
    so, i thank Him for you. and i thank you for letting Him use you in such powerful ways in my life! and so many others.

    i CAN'T wait for you to COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! like, i'm so excited I can't even begin to tell you!

    i love you so much, my sweet sister.
    thanks for encouraging me. for seeing potential in me, and having hope in the fact that God can use even the least of these...ha. like me....
    seriously. it means more than you could ever know.

    thank you.

    i love you!

  3. You two are such an inspiration, and I am so honored to call you friends. Love and miss you both!

  4. Wow - such an amazing thing she is doing. These pictures are amazing, and so touching. I came by to say thanks for visiting my blog and your sweet comments. I have a friend that moved here from South Africa, it sounds like such a scary place, blessings to your sister.