Thursday, July 12, 2012

BIG Life Changes

I cannot believe that my last post was at Christmas!  And so MUCH has happened since then for sure!

Just a recap:

We found out we were pregnant on December 8th...told the family on Christmas day:-)

After a year of seeking the Lord in prayer about moving to Birmingham to be apart of Renovate Church ( a church being planted in the Crestwood area of B-ham), we put our house on the market at the end of Spring Break.

We sold our house less than 2 weeks later after only 2 couples looked at it!

Found a house in Birmingham we liked (after spending a day looking at 16 houses!) in mid-April.

We closed on our house in Pearl on Aril 27th (the day after our 4 year anniversary!) and moved in with Kyle and Whitney.

For 8 weeks, we lived with the Sephtons...Closed on our house in B-ham on May 25th and officially moved the weekend of June 15th.  (By the way, Buster's job was able to transfer him to B-ham which was a HUGE blessing.  He started work here the 18th--no break!)

And NOW we are trying to get settled here in our new house (well new OLD house) before Levi Michael Leach arrives.  I am currently 35 weeks pregnant and he's coming whether we're ready or not. It became super real to us the other night when we had a tour of the hospital.  I am going to deliver at UAB which is right down the road from our house.

Its overwhelming what all needs to be done...but not as overwhelming as this whole year has been with selling and buying a house and moving...ALL while being pregnant.  I will post before-after pictures later of our house in progress.  But for now, the most important thing is getting the nursery finished!

I got the door-hanger for the hospital finished yesterday and am really happy with it:

And here is a sneak peak of the bedding for the crib!  (hasn't been set up yet!)

More to come very soon!


  1. Michelle---I love your sign and bedding! Great colors! I'm so happy for y'all. But BHS is going to really, really miss you!

  2. I agree with Libby!! Super cute nursery, and door hanger!! And that BHS will miss you!!!

  3. I love it and Cant wait to see everything all together! I miss you!

  4. I love it and Cant wait to see everything all together! I miss you!

  5. I love it and Cant wait to see everything all together! I miss you!

  6. Michelle! What a beautiful door hanger! gosh it's so cute! you something so amazing :)...
    i can't imagine how hard of a transition/season this has been for you've been such a godly example of trusting and waiting on our God to provide and care for you...thanks for being such a picture of strong, genuine faith...

    i'm so proud of you my sweet sister! and can't WAIT to meet baby levi!

    i love you! and praying for you!