Sunday, March 20, 2011

My First Arts & Crafts Show

Last week was Spring Break...I spent the entire break getting ready for my FIRST Arts/Crafts show in Tupelo, MS--The North Mississippi Green Festival.  I am excited to show some pictures of what I've worked so hard on over the past few months!  But first let me share the top 5 things I learned on my first go-round at this sort of thing:

1. You never know what people are looking for or what they will be willing to spend their money on.  

2. Setting up takes so much longer than taking down.

3. Never try selling at an Arts/Crafts show by yourself.  I was so thankful to have some close friends that helped me do everything.  Next time my husband will be there:-)

4. Advice from other vendors is so helpful.  I met a really cool artist, Billy Moore, from Memphis, who gave me some helpful words of wisdom.  We actually ended up trading at the end...I gave him a piece of pottery for a painting (I love it!)

5. I will never go to an Arts/Crafts show as an observer and be the same.  So much work goes into doing shows...I look up to all the vendors I talked to who do this just about every Saturday!  You really never know if you will sell out or not even make enough to cover fees and gas!  

Now that I've shared my experience, here are some shots of my work and my booth.

I received so many compliments and was very encouraged by how many people asked if I had a store!  I would love to have my own studio/gallery one of these is definitely a dream of mine:-)

Here are some close-ups of work I took to the show.  I am planning on putting some of these things on Etsy very soon!

Here is some of my current pottery--I have fallen in love with turquoise and brown...
Somehow can't get away from it! 

I've also been playing around with making jewelry from ceramics and am having so much fun!


These are some close-up shots of some picture frames I've been making with old tongue-and-groove boards.  The glass is held on with magnets...and the pictures are actually cut out from the latest issue of Real Simple magazine.

Here are some frames I painted, antiqued, and made flowers out of synthetic fabric.

And lastly, a couple of paintings I've done recently:

Would love to hear what you think about my recent work--please leave a comment to let me know!

Happy Monday!

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Monday, March 7, 2011

The Raspberry Beret

One of my closest friends, Sara, lives in Louisville, a small town in Mississippi.  She has recently (as in last Saturday) opened a consignment store--The Raspberry Beret (how cute!:-)  Before I show you pictures of her AMAZING set up, here are my favorite qualities about Sara:

1. She has a genuine love for serving
2. Her taste of interior decorating is unlike I have ever seen--eclectic mixed with vintage, antique, country cottage, BEAUTIFUL.
3. She sees beauty in what others may see as trash.
4. She is an incredibly hard worker.
5. She is one of the most humble people I've ever met.
6. She knows how to be resourceful. (Please teach me!)
7. She is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the out--a sincere follower of Christ.
8. Her husband is just as awesome--(Chad and Buster are really close friends too:-)

So the store started as an idea...then sure enough, it became a reality--I'm so proud of her determination and willingness to take these steps of faith!  I'm very thankful that she has chosen to set up a booth for my artwork as well.  Here are some pictures:

Here is my booth!  Thanks so much, Sara!
I thought this was adorable...what a great idea for a baby room.  An old mirror with a vintage curtain.

So anytime you're out in Louisville, make a visit to The Raspberry Beret--how could you not?

503 N. Church Street Avenue

See you there!