Friday, July 8, 2011

Travel, Art, and a New Life

Since returning from seeing Kristin in South Africa (I ended up putting my pictures from Cape Town on Facebook), I have been able to rest and take even more advantage of my summer break!  Being able to do some traveling, painting, projects...of all kinds, and visiting friends, I feel truly blessed and thankful.

A few highlights of what I've been up to:

**** A weekend with Kimsey and Alan in Ocean Springs:  George Ohr & Walter Anderson Museum, some great food, walking on the beach, playing with Liddy, and of course---it was "Scrapin' the Coast" weekend!  (FYI, "Scrapin' the Coast" is an annual get-together for low-rider trucks and vehicles...brings out some pretty interesting folks which makes for great people watching.)  Good times!

Alan's Avalon fit right in with the low-riders...

Buster needed a break after all the museums!  I'm sure he wasn't too bored!

****One of the biggest projects I've worked on this summer is for a lady in Tupelo.  She commissioned me to do this tryptic of some dahlia flowers to above her queen-size bed.  I had alot of fun coming up with the idea and painting it!

****Yesterday I went to Tupelo to deliver the paintings and to see some close friends, Amanda and Brock, that just had their baby!  It was such a special time...getting to meet their sweet little girl, Cora Grey.  Its amazing how something so small can be the greatest blessing...our God truly is the giver of life.  It is good to be reminded of that...

This is what I made for Cora's the idea from a good friend.  Thanks Kimsey!

Thank you, Lord, for summer...thank you giving us eyes to see and enjoy the things you've made--and the things that others have made with the gifts you've given them.  Thank you for the gift of community and for the love that is shared between dear friends.  Thank you for life...for the miracle of new life.  Amen.

Happy Friday!

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