Monday, November 1, 2010

Christmas 2010

I must say that the Christmas holidays--however stressful and crazy--are the days I look forward to most all year. Ever since I was a little girl, putting ornaments on the tree was my absolute favorite part of Christmas (other than the presents of course!) I guess because setting up Christmas decorations meant mom and dad were done with teaching for the semester--so we got to watch It's A Wonderful Life, drink hot chocolate, and sing Christmas carols before bed.

My inspiration for these ornaments displayed comes from Mom and Dad's tradition of giving us children special ornaments on Christmas Eve. Each year Mom would find the best ornaments that truly represented who we were and she would date them. So my first Christmas as a married woman, I had 22 ornaments to start the decorating on mine and Buster's first Christmas tree!

Last Christmas I made these nativity ornaments inspired by the true meaning of Christmas. Every single one of them was either given as a gift or sold. And so--because of the popular demand (and with the advice of a dear friend), I decided to add to the collection series, the three Wise Men.
I'm excited about this series--the glazes I used are the same and the design for the Three Wise Men is very similar to the Nativity ornament.